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Feeling worn out, frazzled, and don’t know what to make for dinner? Got a never-ending to-do list and no time for you?

Not to worry. The Nourished Cook can help.

The future book features simple one-pot recipes and bite-size wisdom to help you feel better and eat well—no matter how much you’ve got on your plate.

~Sharon Gray, LAc

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some say "portabella"

grown up crimini


Portobello Mushroom

{ Agaricus bisporus }

It's a self-care themed cookbook in-the-making


aka "borecole"

nutrient superhero

cousin to cabbage


{ Brassica oleracea }

Get sneak peeks and helpful support


worshipped in Egypt

immune booster

pleasantly pungent


{ Allium cepa }

cousin to mint

memory enhancer

"dew of the sea"


{ Rosmarinus officinalis }

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