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A Gift for You

When you join The Nourished Cook’s free online community, you’ll receive a downloadable 4.5″ print titled “Enough.” This delightful illustration by Kristen Winn is easy on the eyes while it gently reminds you to be easy on yourself.

Pull up a chair

You’ll also get easy one-pot recipes and simple tools to help boost your energy, improve your digestion, and feel more calm and grounded. Not too many. Just a couple a month so you’ll have plenty of time to chew on them. 

And as a founding member, you’ll have even more chances to ask questions and get personal support along the way. This is my favorite part because it makes this book I’m writing for you have a lot more meaning. It won’t be the same without you!

It’s better together

Like a good stew, The Nourished Cook community will develop more depth and richness as we bring our challenges and celebrations to the table. Please sign up above to join me, and let’s practice self-care together! ~Sharon Gray, LAc

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