Any questions?

Get the full scoop on The Nourished Cook!


A: It’s a self-care themed cookbook project—blending ancient Chinese medicine, simple one-pot recipes, and a whole lotta heart.

For the nitty-gritty, check out the About page.

Q: Who’s it for? 

A: You work hard and give so much of yourself—yet you’re worn out, frazzled, and your belly doesn’t feel so good. You thrive on wholesome food but you don’t have time for complicated recipes. You want self-care that doesn’t feel like another chore.

If you relate to any of these things, this book is dedicated to you.

Q: What’s the gist?

A: The future book will help you feel better, eat well, and find what YOU need to be your fullest self.

Q: Does the book promote a special diet?

A: I believe we’re all nourished in different ways, depending on the season, where we live, our constitution, and our state of health—so I don’t recommend one diet for everyone.

Instead, I hope to make it easy for you to prepare a variety of real whole foods and see which ones help you feel your best.

Q: Where do the recipes come from?

A: Most of us have at least one go-to meal that’s so easy, we can practically make it in our sleep. The Nourished Cook is a collection of these simple-yet-wholesome recipes, made by real folks with real lives—like you! Click here to share yours.

Q: When will the book be published?

A: I aim to have The Nourished Cook on bookshelves by late 2020

Q: Who’s the author? 

A: My name is Sharon Gray and I’m a practitioner of Chinese medicine—specializing in digestive health at Belly & Soul. I’m also a foster parent, vegetable gardener, and champion mess maker. I’m no self-care “expert.” I’m just committed to trying. Want to join me?

Still have questions? Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

~Sharon Gray, LAc